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ABOUT THE PROJECT Millions of daily crypto transactions represent the unprecedented opportunity for exploiting price differences between multiple exchanges, for arbitrage and market making fund, which will cover the largest number of gateways and profit on every transaction that processes. RIALTO.AI is a team of data scientists designing proprietary algorithms for arbitrage and market making. By providing liquidity and matching orders, we are increasing market efficiency and connecting crypto markets, while earning a fraction on every transaction. We are on a mission to become the largest market marker in the growing multi-billion landscape of cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and blockchain transactions. CROWDSALE STRUCTURE The 75% of total fund equity will be available at the Crowdsale. The 25% is reserved for further development of the project. All 100% of the profits will be proportionally distributed to Rialto coin holders on a semi-annual basis. Due to the optimal performance and maximized returns of the fund, ICO size will be capped and made available only to a limited number of participants. Thereafter, you will be able to enter or exit the fund on all major exchanges. The participation will be made available on the first come – first serve basis. Subscribed investors will be invited to participate beforehand under favourable terms.