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Total hard cap is $20m Use of Funds 55% Investment Capital 20% Development & Ops 10% Marketing 10% Ether/Liquidity Reserves 5% Legal We're building a low-cost, tech-driven investment fund, specialising in global equity markets. Our strategies are backed by cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms, and we're crowd sourcing sentiment analysis via the Ethereum blockchain. Our decentralised platform is comprised of two key components: Firstly, we're building a platform that allows holders of SHP tokens to earn rewards for providing asset sentiment, which provides valuable input to our investment models. By linking rewards to the quality of the sentiment provided, we're able to ensure our platform offers the highest quality of crowd-sourced sentiment analysis in the market. Secondly, subject to regulatory approval, we will be issuing a 'cryptoderiviative' token (SCD), which will pay dividends based on the performance of our fund.