Our Crypto Future: Imagine The Possibilities...

Despite the financial naysayers and blanket bans on ICO activity, Ina Samovich, CEO, CopPay believes that cryptocurrencies have a huge role to play in the future – for everyone.

Look back at old sci-fi movies and you’ll see the same themes emerge over and over. Apparently, by now (in 2017) we should going to be living in outer space, driving flying cars, traveling through time, and employing robot servants. But no-one ever predicted cryptocurrencies in these films. Unlike these other ‘visions of the future’ they’re a reality right now, and they’ll only increase in importance as they become more widely traded: which they will. 

True, there are some significant skeptics out there (China being a prime example), but the fact is the cryptoeconomy is already a $160 billion industry. It’s so large that it can no longer be ignored. Millions of people already have, and are actively using, cryptocurrency. It’s only a matter of time before everyone else does too.

Why the confidence? Because times are changing. The technology needed to make crypto a mainstream commodity is at a tipping point. A few key nudges and I guarantee that almost overnight you’ll see the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins soar. Soon after, liquidity will flow with the same ease as fiat currency. 

Establishing a strong link between businesses and consumers is crucial. We’re playing our part here at CopPay to make that happen. The ability to use crypto for everyday transactions is what I believe will catalyze broad adoption. Our efforts are currently focused on giving merchants what they need to accept and exchange cryptocurrency with ease: free of charge.

For example; take today’s international traveler. Imagine a scenario where it’s possible to buy a plane ticket from Madrid to New York in Bitcoin; pay for food in Ethereum; book a hotel online in Dash; and use Steem Dollars for tipping the journalist whose article you enjoyed during the flight. 

Traditionally, travelers are bound to hefty transaction fees, fiat currency fluctuations, and concerns over how much physical cash to hold. We’ll soon reach a point where none of that will matter. The currency that the buyer holds and the merchant wants to accept will be eventually become negligible. This version of the future is not that far away.

Actually, thinking about it, the closest thing to cryptocurrencies I can recall from sci-fi films is the idea that money won’t exist in the future (mentioned in several Star Trek films). If we consider that fintech and blockchain technology will eventually make physical money obsolete – and therefore transactions and fees largely invisible – then perhaps sci-fi wasn’t that far off after all.