Although many prefer to hold their ICOs closer to the beginning of the year for tax purposes, there are still several promising ICOs to look out for in 2017. Here’s a look at two promising ICOs being held this fall. 

Matryx, according to their own website, is a “platform for decentralized collaboration.” This is a project that aims to facilitate the sharing of information, especially in STEM fields. This system will reward users as an incentive to share ideas, findings, and to even offer possible solutions to other users’ problems. The idea is innovative and needed, and the platform uses the blockchain (the underlying technology of bitcoin and many cryptocurrencies) in a creative way, using the decentralized, ever-updating system in order to reward contributors with Matryx tokens when the other users deem their solutions and responses useful. 

Investors in the field say that Matryx’s white paper and code checks out. Their team is experienced in the field and very attentive. When several users on the subreddit r/icocrypto spotted a possible flaw, which was that the Matryx team had only one developer, the COO was quick to respond that this information was outdated and that they now have seven core developers and ten additional developers for support. You may want to research Matryx if you’re looking for a new ICO in the coming weeks.

Although UTRUST’s Pre-ICO is already sold out, there is still time to be part of the regular crowdsale. UTRUST is a system that plans to function as a mediator between buyers and sellers using cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies. One of the main selling points for this new project is that users funds are very safe because the system will convert any cryptocurrencies to fiat immediately in order to protect individuals from the possibly volatile crypto market. UTRUST also plans to offer low fees—only 1%—whereas services like PayPal charge 2.9% and sometimes more. 

One word of caution: as the website Unbiased ICO Reviews points out, they do not yet have a working prototype or too many details about plans for one in their white paper. Still, UTRUST, with its experienced and robust team, seems to be a good bet.