AlfaToken - Now Create Tokens and Smart Contracts Without Coding Skills

The main value proposition of AlfaToken is to provide a simple and straightforward platform for issuing tokens and creating smart contracts for different use cases without coding skills. Clients are also allowed to create ICOs without having to advance costs before their ICO is complete. 

For entrepreneurs it is a struggle to develop a company and transform an idea into a profitable business. ICO Crowdfunding is the fastest growing method for raising the necessary investment. In 2017 the overall market capitalization of crypto assets grew by over 800% to $130B. 

Many companies lack the technical skills to issue tokens and create smart contracts. This is further complicated because different blockchains and distributed ledgers vary in their programming requirements. Security is also an issue that has to be addressed. These factors can make the process challenging and expensive.

AlfaToken offers a complete solution to our clients. It allows them to create ICOs without having to advance costs before their ICO is complete. 

With AlfaToken, a smart contract can be any kind of computer program. There are 14 different use cases for our platform including ICOs, real estate rentals, p2p lending, p2p insurance, smart things sharing, hiring, e-commerce, auctions, trade finance, supply chain management, delivery by drones, smart homes, manufacturing automation, and business process management. 

ALFA, the platform’s native validation token will be needed as a resource to issue tokens, create, test, and deploy smart contracts. ALFA is built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token.

"We hope that you will see the present and future potential of this project just as we do, and will choose to join us by participating in this great venture that will help the blockchain technology to evolve into a mainstream tool for today and tomorrow’s businesses!"

AlfaToken was founded in 2017 by CEO Denis Farnosov. Today, it is composed of a team of fifteen people from very diverse backgrounds that will ensure a strong success in its endeavor and development.

The AlfaToken team has decades of combined experience in economics, blockchain, financial services, technology and marketing with a global-focused approach to business. 

AlfaToken's public sale begins January 22nd 2018 at 11am GMT (UTC +0).

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